Frequently asked questions

1. What fitness is required?
We recommend a reasonable fitness level, especially for Day One. Check out track distances on previous pages and be sure you do some hill training!
2. Is there any cell phone coverage?
There is no cell phone coverage at all. We suggest you organise yourself to be incommunicado. You are welcome to use our home phones if you are desperate and there is a good wifi network at Stony Bay Lodge (your second night of accommodation). You can leave Kiri’s number (06 3078115) with family members if need be and we can get urgent messages to you.
3. Do we need to share the accommodation with others?
Yes - unless your group is at least 12 people you are likely to be with others. However, when taking the bookings we make certain that each individual group won't need to share bedrooms with members from another group. Living areas are communal.
4. What is the best way to get to the start of the track? eg. we are travelling from Auckland
Make your way down to Palmerston North. On the outskirts pf Palmerston North take Highway 3 to Woodville. From Woodville take Highway 2 to Greytown. At the southern end of Greytown, (just on the outskirts) there is a sign to the left hand side of the road directing you to Martinborough. From Martinborough use the map/directions provided in the How to Get to Us section on our website.
5. Is there somewhere to leave our cars?
Yes. At night 1 there is off road parking available. The car park is well off the road on private property.
6. Can I get my deposit back if I can no longer come?
Yes, if at least two weeks notice is given – refer to our bookings page.
7. Are we allowed to bring our dog?
No - sorry, no dogs allowed
8. What time should we book flights home?
We recommend booking flights any time after 5pm. This will allow plenty of time to shower and grab a coffee in Martinborough before heading back to Wellington.
9. Can we bring our own snacks?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own snacks and pre-dinner nibbles. Don’t go over board though as we are renowned for feeding you well!