Tora Coastal Walk


Food, Glorious Food!!

We like to ensure you are well fuelled for your Tora adventure so we supply you with tasty homemade meals during your time on the Coast. Our team has a passion for cooking and our menus are carefully thought out and delicious.  When possible we like to use locally sourced ingredients and produce and many of our recipes have evolved with the business – creating their own story along the way.

You will be provided with a simple and nutritious continental breakfast to start your day, and ample provisions and baking for a packed lunch, morning, and afternoon tea.  Breakfast is a self-served affair, and lunches will need to be assembled before setting off each day to ensure they are as fresh as possible and exactly the way you want them to be – remember to bring a lunch box.

The evening meal is delivered to each cottage shortly before your arrival and does require a bit of input from the group, nothing too strenuous, perhaps just heating up a dish or cooking some meat on the BBQ before you tuck in (don’t worry, detailed instructions are supplied).

BYO alcoholic beverages and other refreshments. We recommend planning a pit-stop in Martinborough on your way through.  Martinborough has more than 20 cellar doors for the wine lovers and the Wine Merchants have a large range of local wines, spirits, and artisan products.  The Four Square is also one of the best in the country, well stocked with an impressive selection of craft beer. We will transport your refreshments ahead for you and chill for your arrival.  Freshly ground coffee is on offer at each of the three accommodation spots.

Dietary Requests
Due to our remote location and low staffing levels we must limit the dietary requests to:  vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, coeliac, other serious allergies.  Your group leader will be contacted six weeks prior to your arrival date requesting this information.   If you request one of these diets we will provide your evening meals and dessert, your breakfast and lunch needs and your afternoon tea.  Please bring your own snacks to take on the track as our baking for morning teas will not meet your needs.