Tora Coastal Walk

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What fitness is required?
We recommend a good fitness level, especially for Day One. Check out the map for distances and terrain on previous pages, and be sure you do some hill training!

2. Is there any cell phone coverage?
There is some mobile phone coverage out on the track.  There is a good Wi-Fi network at each of your three nights of accommodation.  That said, we suggest you organise yourself to be incommunicado.  You can leave Kiri’s number (06 2425 007) with family members if need be and we can get urgent messages to you.

3. Do we need to share the accommodation with others?
Yes, unless your group consists of at least 12 people, you are likely to be with others. However, when taking the bookings, we make certain that each individual group won’t need to share bedrooms with members from another group. Living areas are communal.

4. What is the best way to get to the start of the track?
Check out the ‘How to Get to Us‘ section

5. Is there somewhere to leave our cars?
Yes. On night 1 there is off road parking available. The car park is well off the road on private property.

6. Can I get my deposit back if I can no longer come?

All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to

Cancellation fees are charged on the following basis per person:

  • Outside 90 days from date of walk departure: NZ$100 per person;
  • Between 89-60 days from date of walk departure: NZ$200 per person;
  • Between 59-21 days from date of walk departure: 50% of full fare; or
  • Within 21 days of date of walk departure: 100% of full fare.
  • The customer name, for which the walk has been booked, is transferable.  There is no charge to change a customer name – you are welcome to find your replacement if you cannot come.  Please contact us with your booking reference number, the name of the person who can no longer come and the name of the replacement person.  If you need to change your booking to another season, the price for the season you are changing to will apply.

7. Are we allowed to bring our dog?
Sorry, no dogs allowed

8. What time should we book flights home?
The walk on the final day takes approximately 5 hours to complete.  You can expect to be back at your finish point (Whakapata  Cottage) by early/mid afternoon.  Whakapata Cottage is 30 minutes drive from Martinborough and two hours drive from Wellington Airport.  We recommend booking flights from Wellington any time after 5pm. This will allow plenty of time to shower and grab a coffee in Martinborough enroute.

9. Can we bring our own snacks?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own snacks and pre-dinner nibbles. Don’t go overboard though as we are renowned for feeding you well!

10. Does the Tora Coastal Walk cater for specific dietary requests?
Yes,  however due to our remote location we are unable to cater to every request.  The dietary requests we are happy to cater for are:  vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, coeliac,  pescatarian,  other serious allergies.   Please read the information on our website here as there may be some substitute items you need to bring.

11. Can non-walkers be transported?
Yes, we are happy to transport non-walkers with the walkers luggage each day free of charge. Please give us prior warning if this service is required.

12. Are there any toilets on the track?
There are no toilets on the track, apart from the toilet and bathroom facilities provided at your accommodation. If you do need to go to the toilet whilst on the walk, go at least 50 m (100 steps) off the track and bury your toilet waste in the shallow organic layers of the topsoil, well away from any flowing water. For personal hygiene, walkers should consider carrying hand-sanitising lotion.

13. What is the room configuration at each accommodation?

Night One/Whakapata Cottage:

4 singles, 4 singles, 3 singles, 2 singles, 2 singles.

Night Two/Stony Bay Lodge:

5 singles, 4 singles, 3 singles, 3 singles.

Night Three/Greentops

Main House:  5 singles (with ensuite bathroom), 3 singles, 3 singles, 3 singles.

Sleep Out:  2 singles,