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The festive season is here, and no Christmas is complete without a traditional fruit cake. My grandmother gave me this recipe, and promises a moist and tasty cake to enjoy on the big day!

A few commonly asked questions:

How much brandy?  Half a cup – or more if you feel the need. Brandy quantity is very forgiving (holds her booze well!).  

Can it be eaten right away? Or does it need to sit for a while first?  It can be eaten straight away – but even better if you administer brandy via a syringe daily for a week.

Is it a dark or light cake?  It is a very dark cake

What types of spices?  I use allspice however you can add your favourites – nutmeg, cinnamon or even a bit of ginger… the world’s your oyster.

Do you ice it?  I don’t ice it as no one in my household likes the icing… plus it is moist enough without it!

That sounds amazingly easy!  Yes, it really is! 

Happy baking!