Tora Coastal Walk

It’s high time we introduced these two rockstars!  You’ll meet Barney and Rose at Greentops where they took up residence in September 2022. 

Rose is our awesome kitchen manager and makes sure you’re fed and happy.  Barney takes care of weekend luggage runs, collecting the supplies from Martinborough and anything else that needs attention.  They’re on hand to give track advice before you walk Day Three and make sure you have everything else you might need.  

Barney and co-owner James have known each other since they were little tackers at school.  They caused all sorts of havoc together at Massey University before settling down (a little bit!) with their respective families.  Barney and Rose have a massive background in hospitality having run their own catering business and for the past 16 years owned a Robert Harris café in Palmerston North.  When they sold the café and were looking for a new adventure, we managed to lure them to Tora where they live in a cute little cottage looking out over Te Awaiti Bay – a bit of a change of scene and they’ve become an integral part of our team!