Tora Coastal Walk

One of the most memorable travel experiences is the rare moment when one gets to meet the locals who live and work in the place you’re visiting. It can be challenging to get out of the “travel bubble” – that frustrating space where you’re hanging out with other travellers and struggling to connect with the locals.

On a recent trip to Germany we were lucky enough to be hosted by a fabulous family of winemakers in the small village of Peisport on the banks of the Mosel River. While there we were given a grand tour of their wine cellar and vineyard (including wine tasting!), picnicked and waterskied on the river, enjoyed bbq’s with the family and walked the length and breadth of their gorgeous village.

Piesport way of life

Our time in Piesport was memorable for many reasons, but mostly for the ordinary, everyday things we did and observed. We left with an intimate understanding of the Piesport way of life.

We’ve been told that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Tora Coastal Walk experience is meeting the people who own and farm the land and gaining an insight into our lifestyles. Learning about where our children go to school, where we do our grocery shopping and how far away our closest neighbours live is all part of the experience.

So, whether it’s the huntaway running off with the roast or the rams invading the vege garden through a hole in the fence – you get to see us “warts and all”, for no extra charge!

Garden View, French Doors